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The high - quality, yet inexpensive film products and the professional competence distinguish the company "Presterl" from St. Veit an der Glan. Our focus on film technology and assembly techniques are unique.

We guarantee customer satisfaction!
Our services at a glance:

  • Sun protection films
  • Visibility and splinter protection films
  • Anti-burglary films
  • thermal insulation films
  • Windows and doors Burglar protection

Our film technology briefly presented:

Too hot in summer? Too cold in winter? Burglar undesirable!? We have the matching file for each case

  1. The laying sun protection film reduces heat generation by up to 40% in all rooms! Therefore, electricity emitters such as air-conditioning etc. can remain switched off!
  2. The anti-burglary film is the same as thermal insulation. 15 minutes you have in the home-time the unwanted burglar through the burglary protection foil into the home can penetrate! No burglar would hit 15 minutes with a pointed chop! or? All doors and windows are reinforced by Abus Burglar Technologies!
  3. At the same time, the thermal insulation with the appropriate thermal insulation film is also an important aspect! With (for example) a 2-pane composite glass, the thermal insulation acts as if you had a modern 3-pane laminated window!

Furniture trade. Dimension and furniture for the top price

IRTS Group - deals with customized furniture parts through the B2B online production of Speedmaster and our partners - carpenter Walzer. We guarantee individual quality in the apartment and the object. You can choose from a variety of elegant wood types, decorations, stains and varnish colors. Naturally, all the refined details are also manufactured according to your personal wishes.

You save up to 41% on these quality products! The reason: we offer our furniture trade only in mobile sales - you can see the furniture itself in the trade or wholesale or at our partners. We ourselves do not have a showroom - and therefore no unnecessary costs. , We will pass on these advantages to you 1:1.

IRTS Group - Measure and object furniture offers the right possibilities for every taste - from modern to classic. We guarantee top-class materials, workmanship and quality.

IRTS Group - Measurement and object furniture

  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Anteroom
  • Wardrobe rooms accessible
  • Office
  • Hotel Furniture
  • Object kitchens

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