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Faster & cheaper

Scratches, dents, holes, burns and all other "beauty defects" on the surfaces of your home are a thing of the past. Because we offer you the professional furniture repair, parquet flooring, laminate flooring and worktops in the kitchen and stone slabs from a single source.

Did you know: In most cases it is much cheaper (about 90%) to treat the broken surface as a new floor (wood, parquet) or to renew the kitchen worktop. Our team has been dealing with the repair of surfaces for years - make use of this know-how and save time and money!

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We advise you on the possibilities of repair. We then arrange an appointment so that a specialist of our team can carry out the repair.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Repair is often cheaper than exchange.
  • The repair is carried out by professionals.
  • Parquet flooring, work surface in the kitchen, surfaces - no problem!

NEW, in the program:

Thanks to its ceramic process, it is also possible to repair stone slabs inexpensively after damage.

Hard wax method:

Mending and repair of kitchen worktops, kitchen laminate flooring, parquet flooring, panels, windows and doors.

For small and medium damages (scratches, small holes) the hard waxing method can be used for repair. With the correct mixture and a melting point of up to 60 °, the damaged worktable is treated by the professional until no damage can be seen with the eye.

NEW, synthetic resin:

Mending and repair of kitchen tops, kitchen worktops, laminate floors, furniture fronts, stone slabs and tiles
The special repair method for damage to kitchen worktops, kitchen tops and laminate floors is heat and impact resistant. The professional must schedule several workflows and waiting times to repair the damage. The end result is that here also no damage can be seen with the nacked eye.

Soft wax method:

Mending and repair of parquet floor, laminate flooring, furniture fronts, furniture cabinets
Repair for small and medium damages in the floor and furniture parts. The parquet floor is treated by the professional with the right mixture. The end result is that in the wood no damage is visible with the naked eye.

Tensile method:

Mending and repair of parquet floors, veneers and solid floors
For damages on the surface of wooden floor (pressure points and scratches over several meters). The repair: the pressed surface structure of the wood is restored by a separate pulling process. Can be used only on pressure points and without damage to the wood.